MS-13 Gang Member Sentenced to Life in Prison for Racketeering and Murder Conspiracies

In a Maryland courtroom, Jose Rafael Ortega-Ayala, also known as Impaciente, received a life sentence for his involvement in a series of criminal activities related to the notorious transnational criminal organization, La Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13).

Court documents revealed that on March 8, 2019, Ortega-Ayala, aged 30 and hailing from Greenbelt, along with his accomplice Jose Henry Hernandez-Garcia and several other members of MS-13, took part in a meeting organized by the Los Ghettos Criminales Salvatruchas (LGCS) clique. During this meeting, they discussed gang-related matters, including recent interactions that Victim 1 had with law enforcement agencies.

During the gathering, Jose Domingo Ordonez-Zometa, the leader of the LGCS clique, interrogated Victim 1 regarding their potential cooperation with the police. In response to their incorrect suspicions, Ortega-Ayala and at least one other MS-13 member violently assaulted Victim 1. Another MS-13 member, who attempted to intervene in defense of Victim 1, also became a target of the assault. The situation escalated when Ordonez-Zometa, as the clique leader, issued the order to have Victim 1 killed.

Following this directive, Ortega-Ayala, Hernandez-Garcia, and other MS-13 members proceeded to stab and ultimately murder Victim 1 in Ordonez-Zometa’s basement.

After the gruesome murder, Ordonez-Zometa instructed Ortega-Ayala, Hernandez-Garcia, and other LGCS clique members to eliminate all evidence of the crime. Ortega-Ayala and his fellow MS-13 members transported Victim 1’s lifeless body to a remote location in Stafford County, Virginia, where they set it on fire. They also made efforts to dispose of and conceal evidence from the vehicle used to transport the victim. Simultaneously, Ordonez-Zometa, Hernandez-Garcia, and another MS-13 member stayed at the crime scene, attempting to eradicate all traces of the murder, including Victim 1’s blood.

On March 6, Ordonez-Zometa was sentenced to life in prison. On Aug. 4, Hernandez-Garcia was also sentenced to life in prison.  

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