A Global wrestling star: The story of Bobby Fish

There are a lot of options in both the U.S. and globally to watch pro wrestling. These are just a few: WWE, AEW, Ring of Honor, New Japan, Pro Wrestling Noah. Fans of all these promotions have — at one point or another — seen wrestler Bobby Fish.

Fish started out in the early 2000′s on the independent scene for several years but his first big break came around 2006 when he made his debut in a Japanese promotion called Pro Wrestling Noah. Fish spent several years in the promotion gaining a reputation in the industry as both solid in the ring and on the microphone. Eventually he continued to grow around 2012 when he got the call up to Ring of Honor (ROH). He spent years there and many fans have told “Going Ringside” that was some of his best work. He also spent several years working for New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW).

“I’ve really had everything I could’ve asked for in my career,” said Fish. “It was just persistence really.” Fish probably became known to an all new audience when he joined WWE’s NXT brand in 2017. He quickly was part of a stable called “The Undisputed Era” with wrestlers Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly who had had worked with in previous promotions.

Fish said there were a lot of memorable moments in NXT. “There was a moment in time when NXT was hitting on all cylinders,” said Fish. “Some of the fondest memories of my career.”

Fish spent around four years in NXT and eventually made his way to Jacksonville-based All Elite Wrestling (AEW). AEW was still in its infancy as a company when he arrived in 2021 and challenged Sammy Guevara who was one of the company’s top stars. He described AEW as almost an outlaw wrestling organization. It was started by wrestlers like Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega. “It was this, startup company. These weren’t people that had been doing this for decades,” said Fish. “The founders of it outside of Tony but the boys: The Matt and the Nick Jackson (Young Bucks), the Cody Rhodes, the Hangman Page. Those guys they were really just like almost outlaws and I think there’s something cool about that. I think Tony Khan saw that and said okay I can get behind that.”

In his career that now has spanned more than 20 years, Fish says some of his favorite feuds were with the Young Bucks along with the WarGames matches in NXT.

Fish now hosts “The Undisputed Podcast With Bobby Fish” which is part of the Premier Podcast Network.

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