Extra safety precautions in place for Fletcher High football game following fight two weeks ago

At Friday night’s football game at Fletcher High School against Ed White High School, extra precautions are being put in place to help keep fans safe.

The move comes after a game at the Neptune Beach school ended early two weeks ago after a fight broke out in the 4th quarter. Video from a viewer showed fans clearing out of the stadium that night. There were concerns of gunfire but Neptune Beach Police said no shots were ever fired, but two people were arrested in connection with the fight.

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Some of the procedures in place at Fletcher High on Friday include making sure fans are in the stands during the game. People won’t be able to hang out in the common areas.

An email and a voice message from Fletcher High School Principal Dean Ledford went out to parents last week with a full list of game procedures.

In addition to being seated in the stands during the game, they also ask that people don’t gather in the parking lot. People gathering in the parking lot will be asked to either enter the stadium or leave.

Police will intervene if needed in both of those instances, school officials said.

Also, fans must arrive prior to halftime and anyone who arrives after that won’t be allowed in.

Wand detectors will continue to be used to detect firearms and weapons and backpacks and outside food and drink are not allowed in the stadium.

Anyone dropping off a child for the game is also asked to get to the stadium by 8:30 p.m. to pick them up.

The game is expected to end around 9 p.m.

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