Protestors stand up for Palestinians at courthouse rally, call for US to stop supporting Israel

Several dozen pro-Palestinian people gathered at the Duval County Courthouse Monday to support what they call a Palestinian revolution against Israel.

“Free. Free. Palestine. Occupation is a crime. Free. Free. Palestine. Occupation is a crime” was chanted at the rally.

Members of Hamas carried out a massive, coordinated attack on Southern Israel by land, and air before retreating back to the Gaza Strip with Israeli civilian and military hostages.

Both the United States and the European Union consider Hamas to be a terrorist organization.

“I think the framing of it ignores Hamas is not the only people that exist in Gaza. So, what we saw in Gaza wasn’t just Hamas. It was Palestinians who were suffering under a blockade and occupation,” Sara Mahmoud said when asked about her opinion on Hamas being called a terrorist group.

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“In the past 72 hours, the Israeli military has killed more than 100 children. They have bombed residential buildings and illegally dropped white phosphorus onto civilians. That’s a war crime. They have attacked refugee camps. However, the media and government continue to talk one-sidedly about Hamas terrorism while turning a blind eye to Israel’s terrorism. Shame,” Ryan Delaney said.

For decades, Palestinians and Israelis have fought each other over land, and the fights have been deadly.

“Israel is occupying land that belongs to the Palestinians,” Delaney said.

“There is no supporting Palestine and criticizing the resistance. It is resistance. It’s revolution,” Marol Crosby said.

Protestors who attended Monday night’s rally said the U.S. government should end its financial and military support of Israel.

The Jewish community also held a prayer vigil at the University of North Florida.

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