Customers, employees left in limbo after Jacksonville roofing company announces unexpected layoffs

Customers and now-former employees of a roofing company in Jacksonville are desperately looking for answers after the business laid off their employees unexpectedly Friday, leaving several jobs unfinished.

The Honest Abe Roofing franchise in Jacksonville laid off their employees over a video call on Friday.

Here is a transcript of a portion of that call:

Honest Abe Roofing: “I’m sorry…. We’re officially laying everyone off.”

Employee: “So, what does that mean for pay?”

Honest Abe Roofing: “Email HR.”

Employee: “That’s some bull****.”

A former Honest Abe employee who asked to remain anonymous said he was in shock when he learned the news and that he was completely “blindsided.”

“The Zoom meeting said it was a mandatory meeting, we came on and within 10 minutes we found out we all lost our livelihood with no pay,” the former employee said.

According to this former employee, the company still owes him $20,000.

Another former employee based in Jacksonville said he is owed $8,000. He said customers are contacting him daily about finishing jobs they’ve paid for.

The former employee said there could be at least 100 customers who have paid for a job to this company that hasn’t been completed.

According to their website, the company has locations all across the country. Employees say offices in both Florida and Georgia have been affected by the layoffs.

“You know, I have a family. I have kids, mortgage, car payments, food to buy everything. And they’ve been terminated and said, ‘We’re also not going to pay you for the time that you worked.’ It’s a big hit,” said the former employee.

News4JAX could not reach the owner of Honest Abe for comment in person or by phone.

Employees said they just want to be paid what they’re owed, and they believe the owner was mismanaging his money.

“We had crews showing up to the office daily pounding on the door calling over and over asking for money. Some crews owed over $100,000 completed 12 jobs never been paid on him. Material suppliers constantly sending invoices $50,000, $60,000. Even more than that. And due to that placing liens on homeowners unfairly. My question is where was all the money going?” the former employee said.

News4JAX searched for public records and found multiple open permits for roofing jobs started by Honest Abe.

Homeowners should reach out to the Attorney General’s Office and the BBB if they’ve been abandoned.

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