Jacksonville Jewish community holds vigil to pray for family members, hostages in Israel

As the Israeli military warns civilians in northern Gaza to evacuate ahead of a possible ground operation, people who are a part of the Jacksonville Jewish community came together for their weekly candlelight gathering on Friday night to pray and light candles for the lives lost in Israel.

Some have family members in Israel right now.

Chana Novack said the latest thing she heard from her family was they were running in and out of the shelters.

Novack said they want to increase the light in the world, especially during this dark time.

“We believe that even a little light can take away all this darkness and also light it for the hostages that cannot light it tonight. They can’t do any of that. We don’t know what’s with them. And we light it for our country and for our families,” said Novack, Chabad at the Town Center Co-Director.

Novack said it’s difficult to hear and feel their family’s pain.

In addition to gatherings for Israel, there have also been pro-Palestinian protests.

The Jacksonville Palestine Solidarity Network will be holding a March on Saturday.

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