Highest tides of the year coming up

The semi-annual king tides are coming up on the last weekend in October.  High tides will reach nearly seven feet above the average low water mark on Sunday, October 29.

The extra pull of the moon’s gravitational force on our oceans comes from the moon lining up with the sun creating a spring tide. This is why higher spring tides occur on a full moon or a new moon! Some spring tides are higher than others based on how close the moon is to the Earth at that time. Fall is when our highest spring tides occur.

The tides spring ahead of normal which is the name given to these tides and it has nothing to do with the season.

While the high water benefits anglers seeking shallow areas on the flats, it can cause flooding on streets or other areas near waterways and the coast.

Low areas not along the Intracoastal may also experience flooding during King Tides if the sewer system drains out to the ocean.

Some things to remember if you come in contact with floodwater.

It may contain unseen hazards such as trash and pollutants picked up from the environment, pets, wildlife, broken glass and other debris.

Do not enter floodwater and do not allow children to play in floodwater.  If you or your children come into contact with floodwater, be sure to clean skin with soap and hot water.

Driving through floodwater is not advisable.  Do not drive through floodwater as it may be deeper than it appears, and unseen debris could cause flat tires.

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