‘You’re missing out’: Jags fans don’t miss a beat as they pack Everbank Stadium for Thursday night watch party

Jaguars fans were amped up for Thursday night’s primetime game against the Saints. Though it might not be a home game, fans still packed out Everbank Stadium to show support.

Hundreds gathered to watch every move against the Saints. Some fans even had complimentary tickets that gave them access to locker room tours, special entertainment and photo opportunities.

“If you’re not here, you’re missing out,” Reshemma Green said.

The ROAR and The D-Line greeted fans as they entered to kick off the night. Fans snapped it up at “the beach” and other photo setups at the stadium.

“This is exciting, being in the middle of these Jaguar fans. It feels like a second home game of the week,” Melissa Klipp said.

While all of the fans are excited to be watching the game together they have one thing on their mind — winning.

“We better win,” Ailissa said. Ailissa’s cousin, who is from New Orleans, was also rooting for Duval to bring home a win.

“If the Jags win, I’m going to go to school happy and probably wear some Jags gear,” Karter Smith said.

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