Drone video shows inside of hospital parking garage as crews search through rubble on day of collapse

Luckily, no one was hurt when a parking garage at Ascension St. Vincent’s hospital in Riverside partially collapsed last month.

But in the minutes after the disaster, rescue crews didn’t know that.

First responders who showed up after the collapse of the top floor of a three-story parking garage didn’t know if there were people trapped inside along with more than 100 cars, and they also didn’t know if the garage would collapse further.

So instead of sending first responders into the garage, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department used drones and dogs.

Drone videos released by JSO on Monday show what it looked like inside the garage the day it happened.

The video shows the drone navigating the wreckage and looking inside each vehicle.

Earlier this month, a crane was being used to remove cars from top level of the garage. Most of the 111 vehicles that were stuck inside have been removed, but it wasn’t clear on Monday how many remain.

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