Going Ringside Ep. 35: ‘Million Dollar Man’ Ted Dibiase and Bronson Reed

On this episode of the “Going Ringside” Podcast we welcome the “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase and current star of WWE Raw Bronson Reed.

First, let’s talk about Dibiase. He’s arguably one of the greatest wrestling “heels” in history. Dibiase was a second generation wrestler who had been a champion in the old territorial system but became a national star when he was brought into the WWF. His gimmick of the “Million Dollar Man” was possibly the best gimmick to ever ben given to a wrestler. To keep the gimmick intact in public Dibiase had to only drive first class and be given limo service everywhere he went. He was even profiled at one point on the old show “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”

Dibiase was probably at his most visible peak when he played a key role at the WWF broadcast of the “Main Event” on NBC in 1988. That event which was headlined by Andre the Giant vs Hulk Hogan drew a record 33 million viewers. No other wrestling event in history has ever approached such a wide audience. Dibiase’s role involved “paying off” Andre the Giant (in storyline) to buy the title.

Later in the show we also discuss his latter career into retirement where he became an ordained minister. Over the past two decades Dibiase has become one of the most well-known evangelical Christian ministers in America. But he has courted controversy in recent years as his son Ted Jr. has been embroiled in a welfare fraud scandal in their home state of Mississippi. That federal investigation is detailed in-depth on “Going Ringside” Episode 9.

On this episode we also talk to Bronson Reed. Reed is a current star on WWE Raw. He’s originally from Australia and now has moved to Orlando. Reed has had two runs with WWE. First he was brought into NXT, left the company and has now returned to the Raw brand. Reed recently had a high profile match with Gunther and at one point held the North American title for NXT.

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