Jacksonville businesses welcome Florida-Georgia game and the economic impact it brings with it

The Florida-Georgia game happens on Saturday but the festivities were well underway on Friday night with an exhibition baseball game followed by a concert and fireworks.

The game brings fans from both teams each year and is a big opportunity for businesses to serve new faces.

Florida-Georgia weekend is a staple for many people, whether you live and work here locally or you’re visiting from out of town and it’s a big money maker for the city of Jacksonville. Last year’s game weekend generated about $30 million for the local economy.

Stephanie Acevedo, owner of Flavorikan, is experiencing the downtown traffic to her business for the first time this year.

“A lot of young people, a lot of people trying our food, love that they’re coming back, a little bit taste and they’re coming back,” Acevedo said.

Tracey Capiello, lives in Jacksonville and specifically sought out Flavorikan to try their food.

“Different food other than burgers and hot dogs is good, flavorful Puerto Rican food is really good and they’re opening a new restaurant so that’s what we’re looking forward to,” Capiello said.

For Acevedo, it’s not just about the boost in business but the people she connects with.

“People can know us because Puerto Rico is like this and we have a lot of flavor, good music, a lot of vibes, strong personalities, everything,” Acevedo said.

If you’re coming to the on Saturday, even though the game starts at 3:30 p.m., parking lots will open at 8 a.m. You’re encouraged to be in your spot by 10:30 in the morning to avoid downtown traffic.

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