2 arrested in connection to ‘gang-related’ double shooting that left 2 men dead on Jacksonville’s northside

Two people were arrested in connection to a double homicide in early October that police said is related to an “ongoing gang beef” on Jacksonville’s northside.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said two men were shot and killed in a car on Kylan Drive off Moncrief Road on Oct. 6 just before midnight.

One of the men found shot in the backseat of the Mini Cooper was identified as Antonio Tillie Jr., 19. The rideshare driver was found shot to death in the front seat. His name was redacted in the arrest report.

Ju’Quan Mills, 22, is facing two counts of murder while 23-year-old Diamond Harris is facing one count of accessory after the fact.

According to an arrest report, Investigators believe Tillie thought he was going to Kylan Drive for a date when he was actually being lured to the location by Harris so he could be killed by Mills.

Investigators said Tillie and Harris were messaging on Instagram and through several text messages and phone calls. Police said she denied providing Tillie with the incident location and said she did not speak with him around the time of the murder.

However, investigators said her cell phone information contradicted her claims and showed they were in contact up until he was shot. Records also showed that Harris would call her boyfriend, Mills, after she hung up from talking to Tillie, the report said.

Text messages between Harris and Mills revealed that Mills would tell Harris what to say to Tillie to keep him interested and also showed them discussing something that was police redacted from the report.

Harris denied any involvement in Tillie’s death, according to investigators.

When investigators spoke to Mills, he told investigators that he was at a 24-hour laundry mat on Soutel Drive at the time of the shooting. Police requested to see his phone and Mills provided them consent.

Mills showed the detective his recently deleted conversations and said that Tillie had “$20,000 on his head” and that he was paid $10,000 for the murder because he split it with another shooter.

Mills also admitted to using Harris’ Instagram account to lure Tillie and shooting the two men.

Police said the second shooter is known to law enforcement but would not release their name.

Tillie’s grandmother, Ida West, said she couldn’t believe her grandson was gone.

“That was my baby. He still is my baby. He didn’t deserve that,” she said.

She also said what happened to the rideshare driver was unfortunate as well.

“My condolences to the family. I am so sorry for that family. He was out trying to make an honest living. He just got caught up, you know, it’s just sad,” West said.

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