Welcome babies! Malayan tiger gives birth to 3 adorable cubs at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

A couple of weeks ago, News4JAX shared the news of the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens’ Malayan tiger expecting at least two cubs.

On Thursday, the zoo shared even better news: Cinta gave birth to not two, but three cubs on Sunday, Nov. 5!

Staff at the zoo said that Cinta has been very “attentive” to her babies since they were born. She’s been nursing and grooming her babies.

“We are giving them space while they get settled in and bond privately behind the scenes,” the zoo said.

The zoo said just like with humans, there are potential risks. So, their Animal Care staff keeps monitoring Cinta and her cubs to make sure they are eating, sleeping and cuddling.

“We remain cautiously optimistic and look forward to sharing updates. Be sure to follow along!” they wrote.

The Malayan tiger arrived from Cincinnati Zoo in 2017, and according to the zoo, this isn’t Cinta’s first rodeo as this is her second litter.

However, this is her first litter at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.

Bashir, father of the cubs, is a first-time dad, according to the zoo. The now-dad joined the zoo in 2022.

Watch Cinta and her adorable cubs in the video below:

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