Think Pink 365: First Coast’s Sisters Network Continues Mission of Breast Cancer Advocacy

The Mayo Clinic collaborated with Northeast Florida’s Sisters Network for the 15th annual ‘Sisters Network Northeast Florida’s Breast Health Symposium.’ The local chapter is an affiliate of the national ‘Sisters Network., Inc. a a non profit dedicated to address the breast health needs of African American women. Held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, the symposium provided participants with a free lunch, swag bags, vendors and keynote speakers.

The informative and empowering event focused on breast health, and the options for minorities and the medically underserved community to gather knowledge, share experiences, and connect with others. Registrants included breast cancer survivors, caregivers, and women 18 and over for a day to learn how to do a breast self-exam at home, schedule mammograms and breast cancer symptoms and warnings. Supporter for 15 years, renowned  surgeon and medical expert Dr. Kenneth Jones spoke to the women filled audience on breast cancer awareness, options and importance of mammogram screenings.

Thirty six-year breast cancer survivor Dianne Townsend has been on the frontline with the chapter as President for 26 years dispelling the myths and rumors of breast cancer options for African American women on the First Coast.

“Ten years into my cancer treatment, I learned what I did not know and wanted to share and equip other black women with the tools and breast health news, so we can live,” said Townsend.

The Northeast Florida Sisters Network chapter yearly leadership directives include conducting monthly meetings; provide breast cancer community outreach and resources to the African-American breast cancer community.  The chapter is looking forward to assisting more women diagnosed with beast cancer by providing community workshops to educate the African American community about the need for early action.

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