Today kicked off a week of cloudy skies

Plenty of clouds tonight and more are coming over the next few days. Veterans Day marked a big switch from recent warm and sunny days.

Although it looks like it could rain, very little or none is expected beyond some mist around NE FL. The exception is for some isolated showers possible overnight in Georgia.

Breezy north-northeasterly winds will continue all night and tomorrow with cloudy skies all day Sunday.

The day will be dry except for an isolated light shower in the morning over Georgia.

Jacksonville will get its turn and very wet weather Tuesday through Thursday.

Until then expect a windy and cool Sunday with temperatures in the 60s/70s and lows in

the 50s/60s.

Heavy rain targets Wednesday and Thursday with around 1-2 inches falling from a Gulf low pressure storm.

Onshore winds 25-30 mph will cause significant beach erosion from Tomorrow through most of next week.

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