Operation Cold Case: Daughter seeking closure in death of her mom found gunned down at grocery store in 1986

The daughter of a woman who was gunned down at a store on Kings Road in 1986 is hoping that the case can be solved 37 years later with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office’s renewed interest in the case that never closed.

Beverly Ann Gilbert was shot to death shortly after opening D.J.’s Grocery Store, where she worked, on the morning of Dec. 29. She was 32 years old.

Homicide Detective Travis Oliver said she was found shot in the left side of her chest after opening the store. Oliver said nothing was taken from her purse and the opening till in the cash register was untouched.

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Oliver said nearly 40 years ago police identified a few suspects, including Gilbert’s boyfriend and a woman he dated, but there haven’t been any arrests in her case.

Her daughter, Katina Gilbert, said she doesn’t remember the day her mother was found dead but she remembers her mother as a kind and loving woman.

Katina hopes she can get some concrete answers as to why this happened to her mom since the case is now reopened.

“I just want closure. You know you could be walking in the store next to the person, you could be talking to the person that did it,” she said.

Now, JSO is turning to the public to help solve the case. Katina urges anyone with information — big or small — to reach out to JSO at 904-630-0500.

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