St. Johns County considering $22M dredging project for South Ponte Vedra Beach renourishment

More beach renourishment is in store for South Ponte Vedra Beach as the St. Johns County Board of Commissioners enters the planning stages for the project.

The county completed a renourishment project in 2022 but Hurricanes Ian and Nicole washed out 670,000 feet of dry beach and sand.

Since 260,000 feet were deposited in the nearshore zone, the county is considering a project to restore 350,000 feet of dry beach sand over a 5-mile stretch, going north from Serenata Beach.

Emergency Management Director Jim Giammanco told commissioners there are two ways to do the project.

The first option is to truck in the sand over 10 months for $35 million. FEMA and the state would cover the entire cost.

The second option would be a 4-month dredging project that could cost $22 million. FEMA and the state would cover $13 million toward that project, leaving the county with a $9 million commitment.

Giammanco said the county has $9.5 million remaining from the state from previous projects, and that money likely can be used to fulfill the second option. So, the project will be paid for with existing funds.

The county commission authorized Emergency Management to begin planning for the second option. That planning would cost $750,000, which would be fully reimbursable if the county proceeds with the renourishment.

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