Home, apartment catch on fire in two separate incidents Friday

Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department firefighters responded to two residential fires, one in a home and another one in an apartment complex, on Friday.

The first fire occurred Friday morning in a Lackawanna home.

According to JFRD, the fire caused minimal damage to the outside of the home located on Hunt Street, near I-10 and Edgewood Avenue.

First responders said six people lived in that home, but only four were inside the residence at the time of the incident. They were all able to make it out safely.

Officials are still trying to determine the cause of the fire.

The second fire was reported Friday afternoon at the Cascade Apartments (formerly Kings Ridge Apartments) located on Kings Park Drive in Grand Park.

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According to JFRD, one apartment was completely damaged. The two residents of that apartment are uninjured.

Firefighters said the cause appears to be a heating pad in a bed.

JFRD is currently running meters in other apartments to make sure they are safe.

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