Man taken to hospital, police investigating possible explosion in Lake Forest Hills

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is investigating a suspected explosion at a home on Rugby Road in the Lake Forest Hills area.

JSO Sergeant Karen Dukes said police were originally called to the scene shortly after 10:30 p.m. Saturday for a possible shooting.

Dukes said a man was taken to the hospital and told first responders he believed he was shot two or three times in the chest and neck area.

Dukes said JFRD found metal fragments as first responders were treating the man.

They told JSO about that discovery and officers went back to the house on Rugby Road. Dukes said JSO found what they considered “leftovers of something that exploded” in the backyard.

“We just heard loud boom. I figured that there was just something going on again. It was crazy,” a nearby resident said.

Police said the Hazardous Material Unit, also known as the bomb squad, was called in to sort through physical evidence of the explosion.

“It was very surprising because it’s pretty quiet around here usually. There is not too much out of the norm,” the resident said.

Dukes said at this stage, detectives are investigating this situation as an explosion and not a shooting.

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