Glynn County police warn of scammer impersonating law enforcement

The Glynn County Police Department issued a warning Monday about a possible phone scam involving someone impersonating law enforcement.

Police are investigating after a report that a scammer called a Glynn County man to tell him that he needed to call back in reference to a pair of contempt of court charges.

The scammer — who identified himself as “Sergeant Fraser” — warned that the man faced two $4,000 fines, and if those fines were not paid, the man would go to jail.

“Sgt. Fraser” directed the target to deposit the two $4,000 payments in a Venmo account belonging to someone called “Farrah Atkinson.”

Afterwards, “Sgt. Fraser” gave instructions for the victim to go to Winn Dixie to deposit an additional $10,000 in a so-called “bond machine.”

At this point, the targeted victim correctly recognized that it was a scam and contacted GCPD.

The Glynn County police provided a link to the initial phone call from the so-called “Sgt. Fraser” on their Facebook page so residents know what to watch for.

GCPD wants all people to know that it will never contact people by phone regarding such matters as payment of fines or other charges.

Any person who believes they may be the target of a scam is urged to be suspicious and contact GCPD or other local authorities; or you may remain anonymous and contact Silent Witness at 912-264-1333.

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