Kiki with Katie: I feel the same way about these temps as Kevin felt about Buzz’s girlfriend — WOOF!


This has been some mink coat weather — this frost has gotta GO! Oh, wait, it did go, at about 8 a.m. this morning. 😉

I was honestly pretty excited to bust out my short mink for a dinner event I had earlier in the week. I haven’t worn it since I lived in North Carolina!! I really love any excuse to bring it out from hibernating in my closet.

TBH, I feel the same way about these cold temperatures as Kevin McCallister from Home Alone felt about Buzz’s girlfriend…not great! “Buzz your girlfriend, WOOF!”

I have a fun fact for you. Did you know that Buzz’s girlfriend in Home Alone isn’t actually a girl at all?

According to Screenrant, when discussing the scene where Kevin finds the photo of Buzz’s girlfriend, they decided not to cast a girl in the part because it would’ve been mean-spirited. Ultimately, the art director’s son gladly volunteered to fill in for the laughs. The more you know, right?

On a separate note, and I totally talked about this on the news, but please help me understand why these colder temps bring out the vermin.

I walked out my front door, and down the street to my car — trust and believe I woke RIGHT up when I noticed the possum on my front porch (I ACTUALLY THINK possums are so cute… but sometimes rabid, so I never pet them) and a RAT in the road by the River… disgusting!

Why are these beasts out roaming in 20-degree temps? Go back into your hole down under!

Weekend Forecast Incoming! ⬇️

Anyway, when I got to work today, I was studying my forecast, as I do, and I want to remind you… actually, I want to shout from the rooftops… the cold weather is OUTTA HERE, but we’re trading the cold weather for rain and warmer temps (whomp, whomp).

The rain will last Friday night into Sunday, so while there are a lot of things going on in Jacksonville, I think indoor plans will be your best friend this weekend!

With the rain this weekend, who else will be decorating?? It seems like a good weekend to Amazon anything you need, and get as Christmas-ready as you want!

I ordered some festive pillows from my mom’s store, Gardenias Gift, back in North Carolina (ok, ok, I sort of stole them last time I was home, but she doesn’t mind! #bestmomever).

This weekend, a few things are going on- you can check out “Deck the Chairs” at Jacksonville Beach- The Book of Mormon at Jacksonville Center for the Performing Arts (I’ll be there too- such a fab play!!), and finally Dazzling Nights 2023 at the Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens!

For a full list of Christmas light displays & events around Northeast Florida, click here!

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