Jacksonville native who graced the stage with Queen B hits Tinseltown to watch Renaissance film

A woman from Jacksonville is proving to her younger self that her dance dreams to hit center stage can, indeed, come true.

“My younger self wouldn’t believe me if I told her where we would end up 15+ years later,” Amari Marshall wrote in an Instagram post with a statuesque picture of her and Beyoncé on the Renaissance World Tour.

Amari Marshall was the dance co-captain on the tour. She instantly took the spotlight as a fan fave going viral in several videos while tearing up the stage with vitality, enthusiasm and boldness.

On Thursday, she and a group of friends and family went to Cinemark Tinseltown to watch “Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé” before the opening weekend. The documentary combines concert footage with behind-the-scenes shots of the 8-month-long tour that consisted of 56 stops.

As a Jacksonville native, Marshall spent a lot of her childhood in the city, then moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue her dreams.

Marshall was made for the dance life since her parents created the Systematic Dance Crew in 2004, according to an article published by The Root.

Marshall has built a storied dance career in the music industry as a choreographer and a dancer who has performed with icons such as Janet Jackson, Pharell Williams, Ciara, Rihanna, The Root said, and now… Queen B can be added to the list.

The Renaissance tour, however, wasn’t her first introduction to sharing the stage with Beyoncé. She and her little sister Jore, according to The Root, performed with Beyoncé during the Coachella — BeyChella — homecoming performance in 2018.

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