Analysts warn of jobs being replaced by artificial intelligence in the next 10 years.

Several jobs will be aided or replaced with artificial intelligence within the next decade, according to the UK’s Department of Education.

Researchers analyzed 365 categories of jobs along with the various skills it takes to perform them. They found that jobs that require a higher level of education are far more likely to be replaced by AI.

The jobs most likely at risk include:

Management consultants and business analystsFinancial managers and directorsAccountantsPsychologistsPurchasing managers and directors

The researchers also warn AI chatbot tools, like Chat GPT, may replace some positions, including in telemarketing and sales. The positions at risk include:

Telephone salespersonsSolicitorsPsychologistsFurther education and teaching professionalsMarket and street traders

Researchers found jobs that require technical skills and manual labor are the most secure. The list includes roofers, steel workers, plumbers and construction workers.

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