Remembering the victims of the Jacksonville Dollar General shooting

The families of three Black residents killed in a racially motivated shooting at a Jacksonville Dollar General store on Aug. 26, 2023, are still pained by this tragedy.

The three victims memorialized outside the Grand Park Dollar General Store — Angela Carr, A.J. Laguerre Jr. and Jerald Gallion — were loved by many.

News4JAX wants to honor their lives with a reminder of who they were to their loved ones and our community.

Angela Carr, 52

Carr was known by her friends as Angie.

Her loved ones said she had no fear, she was tough, wise, and a caring woman.

“We want justice for this,” Carr’s daughter said.

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Tearfully, Carr’s daughter spoke about what her family lost.

“13 grandkids, everyone knew her as an amazing woman. She now has kids and grandkids who don’t know where Nana is.”

She said Carr taught them to love everyone, regardless of what they look like, and that it’s not fair knowing it was hate that took her away from them.

A.J. Laguerre Jr., 19

A.J. Laguerre Jr.’s older brother, Quantavius Laguerre, feels the same. He said they were raised to do the right thing and that’s exactly what Laguerre did. He remembers A.J.’s beautiful personality.

“[He] loved video games, he was quiet, made the best of life, lived life to the fullest, very positive person, never complained. He inspired me,” Laguerre said.

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He said his brother would’ve never worked at the Dollar General if he thought he’d be in danger.

Jerrald Gallion, 29

Jerrald Gallion went to the store to buy a few things before going to pick up his four-year-old daughter.

She was his everything. He even picked up another job to make sure she had what she needed. His loved ones described the moments they got the call about the shooting.

“He would call me every morning, I got the phone call, and his girlfriend was screaming and hollering, she told me Jerrald was shot. I started screaming and hollering,” a loved one of Jerrald said.

His family will always remember how loving he was and plans to keep his name alive.

For these families, there is no replacing their loved ones. They only hope someone can be held accountable for their loss.

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