Fernandina Beach city manager apologizes after admitting he’d been drinking when he crashed bicycle

A special meeting is expected to be held next week in Fernandina Beach to address a situation involving the city manager.

Ty Ross is accused of crashing his bike on Oct. 29. He was not given a citation or a breathalyzer test, but he admitted he had been drinking.

This crash happened less than two months after Ross was hired as the new Fernandina Beach city manager.

Several people are wondering why the public didn’t hear about it until now and are calling for Ross to resign. The crash was discovered after the Fernandina Beach News-Leader wrote about it, and the Fernandina Observer reported on Ross’ emotional response.

That lengthy apology was delivered at a meeting on Tuesday.

“I overdid it. I goofed. I thought I was being responsible by not driving a motorized vehicle and riding my bicycle. That did not work out for me. I apologize,” Ross said.

Ross promised in his statement Tuesday that he has doubled down and rededicated himself to his mental and physical health.

“I think I am doing better than I have ever done before and I want to continue to do that,” Ross said. “I will never let you down again

Police body camera video of the October interaction (press play below to watch) shows Ross on the side of the road at Atlantic Avenue and 14th Street.

Two people who were riding their motorscooters said they found Ross lying on the side of the road in some grass.

About 3 minutes into the body camera footage, the officer asks Ross if he had been drinking.

A few minutes after that, the officer asks Ross twice if he wants a ride home. Ross accepts the offer, and the officer ends up taking Ross home.

A specific date and time for the city commission meeting on Ross have not been announced.

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