Frost advisory for inland counties as temperatures drop

TONIGHT: By midnight, temperatures will drop into the low 40s, and upper 30s, with a light wind from the north and cloudy skies.

OVERNIGHT: The frost advisory remains in effect for inland counties in Southeast Georgia and Northeast Florida until 8 am Sunday.

THINKING AHEAD: You will need to bring your pets indoors, cover your plants, or bring those indoors and safely heat your home. During this time of year, with colder temperatures, accidental fires occur from improperly heating homes. If you plan on using a space heater, keep it away from any objects or materials because it can catch fire, and turn it off before you sleep.

Sunday morning temperatures will begin in the mid-30s with a light wind from the north and northwest and mostly cloudy skies. Sunday afternoon temperatures will barely reach the low 60s, with calm winds and partly cloudy skies with moments of clearing.

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