Jacksonville’s former Chief of Staff is back in the mayor’s office in a different role

Jacksonville Mayor Donna Deegan announced last month that her Chief of Staff, Pat McCollough will no longer serve in that role. This happened after just 5 months on the job.

Now, the mayor’s office has confirmed that McCollough is back on staff, but this time she’s overseeing civic engagement. There was not a reason given as to why McCollough didn’t work out as Chief of Staff. She served as Deegan’s campaign manager during last year’s election.

McCollough made $230,000 a year as Chief of Staff. We believe in this new role she will be making $175,000

Florida Blue North Region Market President Darnell Smith has taken over the role of Chief of Staff for the city and started on January 2. Smith was also co-chair of Mayor Deegan’s transition team.

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