Health, economic development & education are just a few core values Councilwoman Pittman wants to focus on

District 10 Councilwoman Ju’Coby Pittman is laying out her plan to help the community she serves.

Pittman held a Thursday afternoon community meeting at the Legends Center to lead a discussion about ways to improve the Northwest Jacksonville community.

“I’m using my voice for all of you,” Pittman told her audience. “That is my commitment to you.”

In the meeting, Pittman showed different presentations that shaped the vision for the community as residents expressed what they would like to see as well.

“I think it’s very important that we advise Councilwoman Pittman that we want District 10 to be better. We want to spend our money home. If you take away from your home and go elsewhere your home is going to fall,” Rhonda Boyd said.

In her comprehensive implementation action plan, Pittman focuses on five core areas:

Health/social wellnessAffordable housing/economic developmentEducation/training engagementInfrastructure/Waterway improvementsSmall business technical assistance

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The councilwoman also apologized to community members after the people were upset with Pittman because of her comments about Gov. Ron DeSantis at a vigil following the deadly Dollar General shooting in August 2023.

“If I hurt anybody for what I said. I apologize. And I’m here tonight to tell you that,” Pittman said.

Boyd said she thinks Pittman’s apology was necessary for the community to hear.

“I do think that’s something important because after the shooting on Kings Road, we heard the negativity,” Boyd said. “We need to move forward and she explained it was impromptu.”

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