JTA on track to fill 368 full-time bus operator positions by February

While the country is still battling the impact of post-pandemic hiring shortages and the “Great Resignation,” the Jacksonville Transportation Authority announced it is on track to meet its budgeted number of full-time bus operators by February.

JTA officials said they are expected to fill all of their 368 positions for full-time bus operators.

Currently, 28 operator trainees are expected to graduate on Feb. 2 and another class is scheduled to begin at the end of January, according to JTA.

JTA officials said they’ve been able to overcome workforce challenges for several reasons. First, they raised their pay to $20 per hour in Aug. 2023 and added a $1,000 signing bonus. They also said they’ve been focusing on strengthening strong relationships with prospective employees and attending recruiting events.

“In navigating the challenges of the recent workforce landscape, our HR team at JTA has prioritized a blend of professional excellence and a warm, inclusive work culture,” said Mary Smith, Vice President of People and Culture. “By enhancing our compensation and nurturing open, engaging relationships with our team members, we’ve successfully built a committed workforce dedicated to providing top-notch service to the Jacksonville community.”

On Oct. 2023, JTA announced the expansion of the St. Johns River Ferry’s service hours and reported an increase in ridership across many of its services.

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