New proposal could replace deteriorating sea wall in St. Augustine

The Florida Department of Transportation says the sea wall in downtown St. Augustine along A1A near the Bridge of Lions is deteriorating.

FDOT says if a new one were to be built it could better protect the area during storm time, which is known to flood.

The seawall was built in the early 1960s and has reached the end of its service life, according to FDOT.

News4Jax has reported on this part of St. Augustine flooding often during storms, like during Hurricane Ian.

It’s a storm Iby Beato, who works at Pizzalley’s Chianti Room, remembers.

She says replacing the seawall is something she could agree with, if it’s safe for the environment and improves the problems the area faces after strong waves get pushed ashore.

“It makes foot traffic a lot harder nearly impossible. It’s dangerous as well not everyone who visits here or lives here has the appropriate shoes to wear to endure those conditions. It basically kind of puts the city at a standstill and we’re kind of trapped in a way,” says Iby Beato.

The proposed seawall replacement project goes from Charlotte Street along A1A to the Bridge of Lions. Proposed improvements include constructing a new 42-inch pedestrian barrier.

The suggested proposal would have the promenade, which is on top of the seawall, lowered, the chain barrier removed, walking access prohibited, and the 42-inch wall would start from the sidewalk up.

This proposal is something FDOT wants to have input on. This week they are having two meetings open to the public.

The first meeting will be held virtually on Tuesday at 6 p.m. The second one will be held on Thursday at 6 p.m. at the St. Augustine City Hall – Alcazar Room.

More information on those meetings can be found here.

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