Northeast Florida’s newest Pro Wrestling School opens this week in St. Augustine

If you’ve ever watched professional wrestling and wondered how the athletes learn to both throw and take a punch and do backflips off the top rope, they frankly go to school. There are schools all over the country that teach novices interested in a career how to do it. Now, there is a new wrestling school in Northeast Florida.

The school opens its doors this week.

Sam Shaw, who wrestles for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) under the name Dexter Lumis, has opened the school called Hatchet Pro Wrestling. It’s housed in a large facility on Ellis Street in St. Augustine. The Going Ringside Podcast will be doing a full episode on the school next month.

The facility has two wrestling rings side by side where students can learn everything involved in the world of pro wrestling. From how to do the moves to how to speak in front of the camera.

Shaw has brought in experienced coaches to help train students and teach them how to wrestle. But wrestling isn’t a small industry and there are multiple jobs beyond being a wrestler. From being a referee to setting up the rings. There are a lot of on camera and off camera jobs in the industry and the school can direct students in what they may want to pursue.

The coaches were quick to say the venture may not be for everyone. “You come in here, athletic background or not we’re going to push you,” said coach and legendary local wrestler John Davis. “It’s just as much of a mental game as physical.” Davis added there will be constant running, pushups and every other sort of physical workout to get students able to handle the rigorous job of being a pro wrestler.

“It’s going to be taxing but the whole purpose behind that is you make it through you’re going to be better for it,” said Davis.

This is a link for the school’s website, if you’re interested in pursuing training.

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