TELL US: What can be done to improve child well-being in low income communities?

The Florida Policy Institute has released its 2023 Child Well-Being Index and it tells us a lot about how income plays a big role in a child’s well-being.

The report states that “quality care for young children remains out of reach for many parents. Child care is among the largest household expenses, costing nearly $9,000 on average per child in Florida and rivaling the cost of housing.”

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The report ranked counties using economic well-being, education, health and family/community. St. Johns County topped the list of Northeast Florida counties at number one, Clay ranked number three, Nassau came in at number six, Baker at number 35, Duval at number 45 and Putnam at number 65.

According to the report 1.9% of St. Johns County children live in high-poverty areas, compared to 34.5% in Putnam County.

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