Near Record Highs Through the Rest of the Week

Even under waves of clouds our afternoon highs still made a run toward record levels. With more sun to come, our afternoon highs could get closer to reaching record values.

Partly cloudy skies and the warm southerly breeze will help lift afternoon highs to above late January averages through Saturday. Sunday will be warmer than average, but cooler in comparison.

The record for today is 83 degrees, set back in 1937. Thursday, 1-25, Record 83, 2023. Friday, 1-26, Record 82, 2004. Saturday, 1-27, Record 84, 1962.

Fog could become an issue for some inland areas as well as lingering sea and coastal fog along our beaches. The warm front and increasing moisture will support the potential for sea fog to form along the coast and also along and north of I-10.

The unsettled and warmer pattern continues Thursday with isolated to scattered showers and some widely isolated thunderstorms through early evening. Friday could see a few isolated thunderstorms during the afternoon hours as heating creates some weak low level instability.

Similarly, scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms will be possible through Saturday evening before the cold front arrives bringing in drier air.

Thunderstorm strength appears low for Thursday and Friday, but stronger storms may be possible Saturday.

Sea fog potential will remain in the forecast until the cold front arrives early Sunday. Seabreeze circulations which may bring the sea fog onshore into the afternoon hours.

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