Sin is Now a Lifestyle That is Glorified

Via | A Message From The Publisher: By Bobby R. Henry, Sr. | For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of people who suppress the truth in unrighteousness.  Romans 1:18

When we begin to look around and pay attention, we can see the decline of this world and where it’s headed if some things do not change.

Some  40, 50 years ago, it appeared that there was a slow decline; here lately that declined has increased.

Morality like ‘Elvis’ has left the building.

It appears that we are on a head dive into an abyss where there is no turning back and no way to regain that which we have lost.

How did this happen?

One could attest to the breakup of the family structure or the riffraff that we have in political positions, or even maybe it’s the lack of trust and believing that a self-centered notion of one having all the sense and the rest of us are just incapable of doing for ourselves.

I would like to commend the National Newspaper Publishers Association(NNPA) the Black Press of  America, for at least attempting to have dialogue with a group of people that when Black people had no civil rights, disenfranchisement was a way of life and lynchings of Black people was a sport that a lot of white families enjoyed like it was a Sunday picnic. These people marched, bled and in some cases even died to support our efforts to be recognized as humans. And to have this intervention in a state where “woke goes to die” and there is no such  thing as diversity, equity, and inclusion says a lot about how serious this dialog is needed.

What’s really happening?

I think all of us need to reaffirm relationships that carried us through trouble times. How soon we forget on both sides. As we move forward through this year, let’s take stock in human life and not allow cultural wars, fascist government leaders or family battles to tear this country and the world apart.

Where is the love of God in all of this, and I’m not talking about some evangelical racist ideology to what the love of God really is.?

We can do it, if it was done before, remembering there is nothing new under the sun.

     “And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a depraved mind, to do those things that are not proper,” Romans 1:28

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Sin is now a lifestyle that is glorified


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