What good life advice do you have for women in their 20s?

Let’s catch up!

I was back in North Carolina to emcee a Gala last weekend, and I had a wonderful time with my family. It was sunny and cold — a lot warmer down here in beautiful Florida! Did it rain in Jacksonville this past weekend? I won’t lie, being off the clock and in a different state, I didn’t keep up!

I was freezing in my parka on the flight from Charlotte and was sweating profusely when I landed back home here in JAX!

What did you and your friends do over the weekend with the beautiful weather we received?

I got to see my favorite person in North Carolina — my niece Sutton. She is my absolute sunshine. Maybe, just maybe, she will share my love for the weather too! I started thinking about my niece and all of the things I wanted to share with her, tell her, and experience with her. The trips we’ll take and the special talks we’ll have — I can’t wait!

It’s pretty magical to be an aunt, or even just an older female figure in someone’s life. So with that, I took to my Facebook page (and now I’m bringing it here) to get advice from women, for women. I thought it would be a great way to empower and educate other women ahead of Women’s History Month in March.

My advice to Sutton as she grows is to keep God first, love exactly who she is, and live a happy and well rounded life. With parents and grandparents like hers, I have no doubt she will.

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