Jacksonville band discusses Usher’s impact on culture, music industry ahead of Super Bowl halftime show

The highly anticipated Super Bowl halftime show featuring R&B Superstar Usher is sparking lots of excitement from a local band that covers the musician’s songs.

News4JAX sat down with Jacksonville’s “Dats Pressure” band to discuss Usher’s impact on culture and the music industry.

The band performs many of Usher’s songs.

“Ecstatic. Excited. I mean – It’s Usher! He is one of the people that started the wave of my love for R&B… Man, it’s almost like they are waiting on him. They are literally on him. Lit, every single last song. Every song they are singing it word for word,” Dats Pressure Singers William Oliver Jr. and Kayla Cummings (KC) said.

We’re talking about a 31-year music career.

He’s been on stage with legends like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston.

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Dats Pressure members said Usher is past due for the Super Bowl. The band also had its prediction on what the opening song might be.

“Oh My God. It’s gonna be OMG. Got to be. Or maybe he may go R&B and go Caught Up. Or he could start from the beginning, My way!” the band said.

The band also said Usher’s career is inspiring.

“Seeing him go from like being really young to still be in the game now. It just shows me that like you just gotta keep persevering and keep going because you never know when that moment is going to spark for you. So that’s what he does for like I feel like our side of the culture like he gives us inspiration,” Oliver and Cummings said. “Even down to like when he did the Tiny Desk… and it’s the trends because everybody was like ‘watch this?’ Yes!! Definitely the vibe.”

These artists are expecting a great show.

From the R&B Superstar who inspires them — to this day.

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