Flagler County to seek community’s input on possible beach renourishment project

Flagler County officials will be asking residents and business owners to take a survey about a possible beach nourishment project.

On Monday, county officials will be sending a text message to residents asking how they feel about a beach renourishment program to maintain the beaches in Flagler County.

Over the years, storms have pummeled through Flagler County causing devastating damage to neighborhoods and beaches.

Hurricane Ian washed away about 100 feet of the pier.

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Even to this day, beaches have not fully recovered, according to Ansley Wren-Key, a coastal engineer with Flagler County.

That’s why the county is working with an outside consultant firm to assess how much money residents would be open to spending on repairing beaches.

“We’re trying to engage the importance of what people put on beaches in our county because they’re all severely eroded,” Wren-Key said.

Registered voters in Flagler County will receive a text message on Feb. 12.

The message will include a Flagler County logo and a link to the survey.

If you’re not a registered voter, you can fill out the survey on the county website.

“Our consultant will look at all the results, they’ll do some statistics on it and they’ll see basically if there’s geographical differences between people that are more willing to pay or less willing pay,” Wren-Key said.

Flagler County officials said this survey is just the first step, and if they don’t receive enough community input, they’ll send out a second survey.

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