Behind-the-scenes with local florist Kuhn Flowers on their biggest holiday of the year

Millions of people are showing their love through flowers on Wednesday.

One local florist, Kuhn Flowers, will make more than 5,000 deliveries for Valentine’s Day, not to mention the hundreds of people who came into the store to grab a bouquet.

Have you ever thought about what it takes for a flower shop to pull off its biggest holiday of the year?

The madness started well before we walked in the door at 7:15 a.m. The team has been planning since last month and stayed late last night and got up early Wednesday to get their flowers delivered.

They hired dozens of extra delivery drivers, who piled their cars full of flowers. It’s a slow steady ride with a bouquet that will knock the recipient off their feet.

There’s nothing worse than a dead rose, except an expensive one.

Once many of the bouquets had been delivered, Heather Lockwood, who has been arranging flowers for almost 35 years, showed us during The Morning Show the best way to keep those flowers fresh for as long as possible.

Change the water daily, Lockwood said. “If you don’t want to drink it, then neither do your flowers.”

It takes a lot of busy hands to prepare the more than 250 million stems it’s estimated are sold on Valentine’s Day.

So as you hug your loved one, blow a kiss to the ones who are probably thankful the holiday of love is almost behind them!

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