Are you sneezing, and wondering WHY the pollen is so high? Let me help!

Ok, so in other parts of the U.S., trees typically will not produce pollen until we get to the early Spring season, but for Florida, that’s a very different story!

Specifically, right here in Jacksonville, our trees begin shedding a ton of pollen as early as February.

Florida is obviously a very rainy and warm climate. Even our winters are MILD compared to other parts of the country! Those are HUGE contributing factors as to why pollen forms earlier than in some other areas across the US.

Here’s how allergies work — in case you were curious!

When you’re sniffling, have reddish eyes, and are congested, you might think you have a cold. Well, don’t even bother asking WebMD. I’ve got your answer.

You likely have allergies. I put the Pollen Forecast in my show daily, and today certain factors are higher than others, creating allergy problems!

If you have allergies, see a doctor so you can get on the right medicine, and figure out YOUR best solution!

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