Port Orange Police Apprehend Man in Multi-Drug Bust After Traffic Stop Evader

In the early hours of March 2, 2024, Steveon Robinson was apprehended by Port Orange Police Officers following a routine traffic stop.

The arrest, conducted by Officer Rette, unfolded as Robinson attempted to evade authorities. Upon detecting the scent of burnt cannabis and noticing a suspicious baggie within the vehicle, Officer Rette initiated a search.

Robinson, in an attempt to conceal evidence, hid a plastic baggie beneath the front driver’s seat. Subsequently, he absconded from the vehicle on foot.

After a pursuit, Robinson was subdued by officers, with the deployment of a taser occurring twice before he was successfully apprehended.

The charges against Robinson are severe, encompassing a range of narcotics-related offenses. These include trafficking Fentanyl, possession of a synthetic cannabinoid with intent to sell, possession of controlled substances such as crack cocaine, Ecstasy, and Oxymorphone, possession of narcotic paraphernalia, as well as charges of tampering with evidence, battery on law enforcement, and resisting arrest with violence.

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