JUMP Launched as City’s New Workforce Development Initiative

Jacksonville City Council President Terrence Freeman, Kids Hope Alliance (KHA), and the City of Jacksonville hosted a press conference to announce the launch of the Jacksonville Upwards Mobility Program (JUMP).  JUMP will allow KHA to utilize up to 1% of the City of Jacksonville’s approved economic development agreement incentives (for projects located outside of the geographical boundaries of an established Community Redevelopment Zone) for apprenticeship, pre-apprenticeship, and workforce training programs for youth and young adults in Duval County. The funding is part of a greater effort to prioritize skilled workforce training and increase the pathways to meaningful careers, JUMP will provide innovative and flexible opportunities for both youth and adults to achieve post-secondary training and gain workforce skills needed in Jacksonville’s growing economy.


Speaking about JUMP’s benefits to both businesses and residents, Freeman said, “Here’s a tool that you can utilize, not only helping your business, helping the industry grow, but helping the community, by offering jobs which lead to careers and helping individuals break this generational cycle of poverty.”

If you would like more information about JUMP, please reach out to John Everett at jeverett@coj.net.

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