Crowds, rip currents expected at Jacksonville-area beaches over Memorial Day weekend

As a nor’easter heads through our area Friday, beachgoers will see some impacts at local beaches.

A rip current warning was in effect at Jacksonville Beach on Friday. The waves were large — a bouy noted 10-foot waves.

Rip currents can be deadly. Rip currents are dangerous because they can pull unprepared swimmers away from shore and into deeper offshore waters. They become especially dangerous when swimmers panic and struggle against the current while being pulled farther and farther away from the beach.

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If you’re a good swimmer and are taking that risk, and you get trapped in a rip current, swim parallel to shore and don’t panic. If you can’t swim, don’t be in the water at all on Friday.

Lifeguards are patrolling the beach, but they’re not in their chairs.

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