MOSH CEO to retire

New changes are coming to the Museum of Science and History. MOSH announced its CEO will retire next February, but the museum is still working to fund its move to its new home on the North Bank.

CEO Bruce Farfard is stepping down. MOSH appointed Farfard as CEO in 2020 and made some significant achievements throughout the years.

“I started at the very beginning of the pandemic in 2020 and was volunteering there to help the management team out and transitioned into a full-time position in October 2020 as CEO. We have been able to bring the museum back to pre-pandemic visitors’ levels, which is a huge accomplishment. We’ve also introduced several new programs,” Farfard said.

While Bruce Farfard is resigning in February, he says this is just the beginning for MOSH.

“We are so excited that the Harden family foundation has donated one-billion dollars towards our Genesis campaign to build a brand-new museum on the North Bank. That just really helps to move the project forward,” Farfard said.

The MOSH Genesis campaign supports plans for the museum to move to its new North Bank location. In April, the Jacksonville city council approved a lease agreement to move the Museum of Science and History to move across the St Johns River. Under the agreement, MOSH would lease the land at the Shipyards for one dollar a year for 40 YEARS. It’s an $85 million project and under the agreement, MOSH would need to privately raise $40 million by December 31st.

“We actually have received well over 400 donations toward this project, and we are moving quickly towards that new museum on the North Bank,” Farfard said.

If funding comes through and everything works out the new MOSH is set to open by 2027.

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