Feeling the hottest in years

Today brings extreme heat to the area where the combination of high temperatures and humidity is causing dangerous conditions that can cause heat-related illnesses. The National Weather Service has issued a variety of alerts to help alert people to this week’s week’s heat wave in and around in around Jacksonville.

This summer has been unusally hot with four days having feels like or heat index readings at or over 108 degrees. 2019 was the only year with more days- totaling five, over the last 20 years at Jacksonville International.

Locals are accustomed to hot August temperatures but this week’s heat may be pushing the tolerance for anyone who has spent years in Florida. Highs will be at or over 95 all week long. This heat wave could bring even hotter daily maximum highs compared to last month.

July’s persistent heat ranked it as the hottest month on record for Jacksonville with a total of 10 days recording a 105 degree heat index; in contrast to 2022 which had four.

Focusing on the hottest days that trigger heat advisories at 108 degrees, four have occurred this summer, doubling the number from last year.

The last two years having four 108° days were in 2010 and 2019.

As of August 7, there are 46 more days until the end of summer and this week will likely bring several more days with heat advisory or heat warnings that may break the tie.

Today we are under an Excessive Heat Warnings until 8 p.m.

Here are what the three advisories mean:

In Georgia and Florida, 108 degrees is the benchmark for when to be cautious about heat related problems although locations farther north have lower thresholds for when heat alerts are issued.

The least extreme type of heat alert called a Heat Advisory is only issued when the heat index is predicted to reach at least 108 degrees for two or more consecutive hours.

Excessive Heat Warnings – are issued during the most extreme type of heat when readings will reach 113 or higher.

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