Red Cross, JFRD hands gives hurricane kit items to people who live along the Ribualt River

We’re more than two months into hurricane season and local agencies are making sure communities in high-flood zone areas are prepared.

The American Red Cross and Jacksonville Fire Rescue handed out hundreds of Hurricane Preparedness Starter Buckets equipped with flashlights, cleaning supplies, and other essential items.

If you live on the Northside, you know how much the Ribault River floods during a bad storm.

“Definitely a great great thing to do. A lot of people get stuck. I’ve seen it since I lived in the state of Florida. I’ve been here twenty years; hurricane Irma was the worst for my family,” said Wendy who lives on the Northside.

Some neighborhoods are prone to flooding because of the Ribault River. Storm surge pushes the river into streets and homes causing severe damage.”

Hurricane Irma in 2017 brought extreme flooding and damage to surrounding communities along the river.

“My mom she lived you know where the old K-mart was on Lem Turner it was bad up there. A lot of water a lot of flooding,” said Wendy.

Hurricane season runs until November 30th which means its still possible for a storm to hit.

The red cross wants people to be ready in just in case.

“We do know one thing, there’s going to be another disaster,” said Christian Smith with the American Red Cross.

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