The longest heatwave since 2010 just ended

The latest heat wave has been the longest so far this summer setting the course for a record hot year in Jacksonville.

July ranked as the hottest month on record for Jacksonville and August has set several daily records. Four of the past 10 days each has been at or hotter than 95 degrees which is the ninth longest stretch of heat at these levels. The last time we had ten days hitting 95°F or higher in Jacksonville dates back to 2010.

The four past days have all reached 99 degrees. The last time there were more than this many 99-degree or greater days was the five consecutive days set in July 1980 and August of 1938.

The longest stretch was in 1988 when temps reach 99°F or higher for eight days in a row.

Now the steak has ended.

Rain Tuesday afternoon limited the high to  91°F  which finally broke the trend and signaled that the heat wave will begin falling apart for the remainder of the week with increasing storminess followed by a cooler easterly flow by week’s end.

Data records from the Southeast Climate Center show that this summer’s heat has catapulted Jacksonville to its hottest period in Jacksonville from August 14, 2023, to August 14, 2022, for average max temperatures.  Many other cities across Florida are also seeing their record hottest one year period to date.

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