Mother admits to ‘poor parenting’, being ‘reckless’ in 2021 shooting of 14-year-old daughter

The trial for the woman charged in the shooting death of her 14-year-old daughter continued Wednesday.

Amanda Guthrie faces several charges including manslaughter, child neglect and more.

Guthrie’s daughter Ayva was shot in the right side of the head at their Arlington home in January 2021.

Guthrie said the gun discharged while her daughter was handing it to her.

Ayva was taken to the hospital but died the next day.

In the trial, prosecutors recalled JSO detective Billy Abbott to the stand.

They played the video of Guthrie being questioned by Abbott and another detective following the incident.

“I feel like in the moment I made a really stupid decision. I’m really stupid…I don’t know how to explain it. I just don’t want my daughter to be taken away from me forever,” said Guthrie in the video.

Detectives told her accidents happen, but actions must be explainable.

Abbott and Guthrie stood up in the interrogation room to reenact the shooting.

Guthrie: “I was here rolling.”

Abbott: “Rolling a joint, ok.”

Guthrie: “That’s what I was focused on.”

Detective Abbott: “She’s kind of like playing around with it?”

Guthrie: “Mmhmm.”

Detective Abbott: “Messing with it like this?: (demonstrating with hands)

Guthrie: “No, there was nothing.”

Detective Abbott: “No finger on the trigger or anything like that?”

Guthrie: “No.”

Detective Abbott: “Ok, and what you said, she kind of handed it to you?”

Guthrie: “Yes.”

Detective Abbott: “Exactly like this?”

Guthrie: “Yeah, and then I did this, put my finger on it, and I don’t know what happened.”

The gun was on top of the TV.

Guthrie said her daughter always had an interest in the gun, knew it was there and held it before.

On the 911 call, detectives said Guthrie told dispatch they were playing with it.

Detective #2: “You said, ‘I just shot, I just shot the gun.’”

Guthrie: “No, I,…it was an accident. It just, I didn’t…I didn’t expect any of this to happen.”

She said the position of the gun didn’t cross her mind.

The state called witnesses from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement who analyzed DNA at the scene and on the gun.

The defense had those witnesses explain how gunshot residue could be transferred if one person came in contact with another.

An analysis with the RJ Lee Group testified that nothing in her report allowed her to determine which way the gun was pointed or if it was close or far from someone.

After Guthrie grabbed the gun from her daughter, she told detectives maybe 10 seconds passed before it went off.

Detective #2: “When you had that gun in your hand…”

Guthrie: “I was reckless, I wasn’t thinking.”

Guthrie agreed this was avoidable and poor parenting.

The trial is expected to continue through the rest of the week.

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