Hunting for treasure: Katie takes a bite out of the shores of Amelia Island

I’m new to the Jacksonville area, and I’ve gotten TONS of suggestions on places to check out all around town — from the St. Augustine Alligator Park to surfing on the beaches. I’m up for any and all adventures to get to know you all better.

But what’s the fun in going alone? So come with me on my latest excursion, where I go on the hunt!

I’ve learned the beaches on the northern end of Amelia Island are a shark tooth hunter’s dream!

And one thing keeps visitors coming back to Ft. Clinch/Fernandina Beach over and over…

The chance to find a Megalodon tooth.

I’ve found Great White teeth. I’ve found Tiger Shark teeth. But I’m still on the hunt for the elusive Megalodon.

So I took my chances treasure hunting on Amelia Island.

Whether you’re in the water or on shore, you can find shark teeth just by keeping a “sharp” eye out. (Sorry I couldn’t resist!)

Photographer Jesse Hanson came with me on the adventure and watched as I found a shiny, black piece sticking out of some sand. I brushed away the sand to uncover it, and sure enough — it was a tooth!

But not a Megalodon — so the hunt continues!

Oftentimes, the tides push the teeth far up the shore, so they can be anywhere on the beach. Make sure you’re always looking!

Palm Coast resident Phil Whitfield, a frequent visitor to Ft. Clinch State Park, says he loves everything about the park — and the hunt…

“If it’s good, it’s good. If it’s not, then we had fun anyways. You meet a lot of nice people, people from everywhere who have a lot of the same interests so it’s exciting and it’s fun,” Whitfield said. “You just sit, and the ocean gives you what it gives you, and you’re just happy with what you get.”

The teeth don’t have to be buried. You can use a sifter or find a simple tooth just lying on the shore. And if you’re wondering when the best time to hunt is — I’ve got you covered…. it’s at high tide!

“More quantity, the waves aren’t so rough, and you normally find bigger teeth,” Whitfield agreed.

So, when you stand up on the rocks along the beach, you can look inside the crevices too, but then come back down to the water and the waves might have just washed up teeth!

I’ll admit, a lot of times the thrill of the hunt gets the best of you. You may come down to the beach for hours at a time, as I have, find one tooth, and then call it a day. Or you might find nothing. Or you might find a Megalodon!

You never know, and the mystery of the hunt is the best part!

And even if you don’t find a tooth on Amelia Island, you’re near the fort, and it’s a fantastic sight to see.

Happy hunting!

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