SnapJAX Stories: Joy and Freedom in Nature with Candace Watkins

In this week’s episode of SnapJAX Stories — you never know what you’ll find in the wilderness!

One of our “snappers,” Candace Watkins, knows she’s always going to see something wild on her 30-acre farm in Keystone Heights and knows to always have her camera ready.

“I’ve had people tell me I should charge admission but unfortunately, you know, they know when there’s a stranger here so they don’t come around,” says Watkins.

Watkins is not a stranger and knows what these wild animals like; they like corn and space to roam and be free. She is one of our favorite snappers and from a distance, and she gets very intimate pictures of nature.

“It’s just amazing to see the different animals that will eat the corn at the same time because you’ll see the deer, the turkey, squirrel, and rabbits all out here at the same time. Then you think, Well, why can’t humans be more like that? coexist?” says Watkins.

Candace moved to her farm in 1988 after finding a property she could share with her two horses. Turns out, Candace likes the freedom too.

“It’s always been my dream to live away from the city. Have some property I’d never, never envisioned I’d, you know, have as much as I do,” said Watkins.

They share the 30-plus acres with just about any native wild animal you can think of around.

“It’s just amazing to see it. It never gets old. No matter how many times you see it. It’s always amazing. Just to be able to get that close to wildlife,” said Watkins.

Watkins encourages all of us to find our own little piece of wilderness, so promises you will find your own peace, in the stillness of nature.

“I feel for those that have not had the opportunity to visit our parks so that they can experience the joy and freedom that nature offers. It is such a special gift to receive. I would encourage them to make plans to visit local parks or plan a camping trip with friends and/or family,” said Watkins.

Candace always keeps her distance from the animals to give them their space and to make sure they don’t get too comfortable around humans.

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