Google map hacks: Navigation tips and tricks

Google Maps, the trusty navigation app, has become a keepsake tool for over 154 million users worldwide. While it’s known for efficiently getting you from Point A to Point B, there’s a slew of additional features you might not be aware of.

One neat function allows you to save your parking spot. With a simple tap on the blue icon indicating your location, select “Save Parking” and voila, your parking spot is safely stored. Forgot to do this? Don’t fret. Just click on the car icon at the top right of the screen to pinpoint where you left your vehicle. You can even use satellite imagery to make locating your car a breeze, and Google updates these images every two weeks.

Meeting someone in an unfamiliar place? Google Maps has you covered. Tap the blue icon representing your location, choose “Share Your Location,” and send it to the person you’re meeting. This feature not only shows them exactly where you are but also provides an estimated time of arrival. Want to share your ETA? Simply click on the time to destination, select “Share ETA,” and choose the recipient.

But Google Maps isn’t just for cars. Its versatility extends to public transportation systems, providing real-time updates on the next bus or train. Surprisingly, it’s not limited to the outdoors. You can also navigate within large buildings like arenas and shopping malls. Just tap on the location and scroll to the directory.

Here’s a bonus feature: in the U.S., typing in the word ‘Homes’ brings up all the homes for sale in the area. It’s a convenient way to explore available properties. Finally, by downloading the Family Link app on both your phone and your child’s, you can pinpoint their location throughout the day, ensuring peace of mind for parents and loved ones.

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